Additives Master Batches

Blend Bright Additive 

Blend Bright Additive is an Optical Brightener in Granular form. Due its granular form, it is easy to use interms of handling and measurements. Blend Bright Additive functions by absorbing light in the UV-A range and re-emitting light in the visible blue range. In this way they increase reflection and impart various shades. This additive functions in all colored plastics.

Blend Anti-block Masterbatch 

Blend Anti-block Masterbatch is a particularly good anti-block because it is chemically inert, dimensionally stable under a wide range of temperatures and easy to disperse. Can effectively reduce the adhesion effect of polyolefin plastic products; increases the lubricity and under normal usage ratio, does not affect the transparency. 

Desiccant Masterbatch

Desiccant Masterbatch is an innovative drying agent, water absorber used in eliminating moisture in virgin and recycled material. It is a new functional master-batch designed to resolve the moisture generated during the plastic products processing which uses the recycle PE, PP materials. Desiccant Master batch may be used to add and simply mix with the recycle materials before the plastic molding processing, which make us carry out molding processing without the drying process, so it is user-friendly, and can improve the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Blend Flow (Processing Aid)

Blend Flow is an additive designed to aid in extrusion processes of thermoplastic resins to increase the production rate.